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                                       REFERENCE INFORMATION FOR PHYSCIANS
Medical journals detail - Medical Treatment Guide - Medical Devices Blog - Important guidelines for medical professionals.We produce the latest
 and effective news through our website. Find Medical devices, Nursing equipment, Prosthetics product, Home medical elements and surgical
 instruments with the guide from medical product guide. - Physician's desktop reference listing info on drugs. diseases & conditions, various therapies - With searchable database and touts itself as "Your Prescription Drug Destinations."
 ClearLead Inc. - An extensive directory which also acts as a medical drug reference.
 MedScape - A free informative resource for doctors which includes multiple links to specialty sites.
 MDconsult -
MD Consult brings the leading medical resources together into one integrated online service.
 MDchoice - Pffering medical information for the profedsional and the consumer. - Strictly for the professional. A continually updated clinical reference.
 Medem - Has a searchable medical library and is user friendly for the patient as well as the doctor. -
Healthwise medical information solutions help physicians and clinics improve patient education
 Physicians Backgrounds -
A Second Opinion Medical An Information & Physician Verification Service
 Medical Informatics News - Online Clinical Reference Tool
 PainKnowledge - Physician tools for treating patients with pain.
 MedLine Plus - Trusted health information for you.

 Ag - Therapy: Doctor's Desk Reference. A very in depth site with all ailments and their suggested treatments.
 TheDrsReference Site - Links to medical textbooks for  professionals on a variety of medical problems.
 LibrarySpot - In depth links to various sites providing a plethora of medical information for professionals

 Epocrates - Premium drug reference with detailed contents on prescription drugs
 MedicalMatrix - Updated Clinical Medicine Resources
 HealthLine - Connections to better health. - Tools For Healthier Lives
 TheDoctor'sPage - Website For Practicing Physicians
 MedPix - Medical Image Database
 AmericanAcademyOfFamilyPhysicians - Offers readers various articles, news and links to other medical info.

 Excellent health blog with in depth information
 Weight loss Herbalife Weight loss products to help overweight people.
 How To Lose Weight - Excellent blog offers resources to a healthier life.
 Home Care
Visiting Angels is one of the nation's leading senior home care agencies in America providing senior care, personal care, respite care and
  companion care to help the elderly and adults continue to live in their homes.

 Air Purifiers
Providing HEPA air purifiers, HEPA filters, and room air purifiers for residential, commercial, and medical use.
Educating Yourself For Healthcare-Very excellent article with information on how to enter the field, get a degree etc
Healthy Nutrition - Tips for Healthy Living - There is a close link between health and eating habits. Making nutritious food choices
  can be a challenge  whether you're facing a hungry family or just your own growling stomach.

Gastric Banding

 Delmar's Drug Reference - Extensive lisitings of info for healthcare professionals
 Customer Care - In depth links pertaining to healthcare professionals - Acts as an online portal for healthcare information
 Merck Manual - Searchable portal of diagnosos and therapy
 Merck Medicus - Online medical library with linkf for professionals and the consumer.
 TalkMedical - Great medical information for any and all consumers - Online forum allows users to discuss medical topics
 Evoclin - Portal contains information for healthcare professionals
 Healthcare Management Consultants - Dedicated to improving clients' quality and cost efficiency
 National Society Of Certified HealthCare Business Consultants - Available to assist healthcare professionals
 DynamicsInHealthcare - Forums moderated by Dr. Gary Epler with much information and diagnosis.
 NewsTarget - Labeled as "Information That Empowers" with healthcare topics.
 EmaxHealth - Offers a cornucopia of various articles related to health and healthcare.
 Articles On HealthCare - Site with in depth articles ranging from the atypical sore throat to HIV/AIDS.

 HiMSS - Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (for the professionals)
 American Health Information management Association - Dedicated to the professional sector with much info.
 Ehealthinitiative - Mission is to drive improvement in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare.
 Healthcare - Very in depth site contains news on the subject.
Online RN to BSN Programs - Directory of all nationally accredited online RN-to-BSN programs
 Online RN to MSN Programs - Directory of all nationally accredited online RN-to-MSN programs.

Information For Nurse - A nurse lawyer's updates & hints for nurses - Information & Resources For Nurses Worldwide.
 RxNurseNetwork - Various links and articles on this site are available
 NurseZone - Dedicated to travelling nurses.
 BioHealthmatics - Serving The biomedical Informatics Community
 ResourceNurse - Lots of informative information regarding nursing
 NCSBN - National Council Of State Boards Of Nursing
 NNBA - National Nurses In Business Association.
 DiscoverNursing - Very in depth site on becoming a nurse, benefits of the profession, profiles & news. - The largest most active online nursing community.
 NursingCenter - Gateway site with extensive list of links to other excellent nurse related pages & information.
 AllNursingSchools - A guide to locating nursing schools with information on the career of  nursing.
 NursingWorld - Index page for the American Nurses Association.
 Nurse - Very informative page with community, news, event, training, job & specialty info etc.
 ORnurses -
Agency specializing in placing nurses and other medical professionals in a variety of settings.
 Masters Degree In Nursing - Guide To Schools Offering An Accredited Nursing Masters Degree.
Gum Disease Hub- Ultimately The Best Portal For Seeking Information On Gum And Oral Health
Dentistry - Ultimate site featuring "find a dentist" search functionality, info for patients AND dentists.
 YourDentistryGuide - A consumer oriented guide, focusing on various aspects of dental field.
 DentistryNews - Page of dental news offered by Medical News Today.
 AboutDentistry - News for the layperson regarding dental health
 1800Dentist - Site allowing general search function to find dental professionals in their locale.
 DentalProfessional - Patient education, news on the profession, oral hygiene links etc.
 DentalCare - Site for dental professionals offered by Procter & Gamble.
 United States Public Health Service page pertaining to dental info - very informative & A+ rated!
 OpenPlease - Unique gifts for the dental professional.
 DentistsAdvantage - Offers liability insurance specifically targeted to dentists.


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